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Hook Boilies MARINE

Squid & Spice

Why trigger a HookBait MARINE?
They are manufactured using handcrafted machinery. Strictly steam-cooked and dried naturally, to maintain a high level of attractiveness. Specially designed by fishermen to be triggered and offer greater guarantees of durability, especially in presence of prawns and disturbing fish. It is recommended to use the same line of boilies, which benefits from different melting times.

Characteristic aroma:
Squid & Spice

Trigger duration:
24h - Indicative time with normal climatic conditions water 20°C)

Pack EUR Quantity
20mm / 125 g Bucket pz 8.00
24mm / 125 g Bucket pz 8.00
28mm - 250 g Bucket pz 12.00
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