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Boilies MARINE

for long session

This boilie offers the highest protein content compared to Integra or ZooBEST. Requested by the ZooFISHING Team to tackle large lakes, quarries and rivers. Situations where due to the massive presence of natural food is better to have a low volume of boilies and a very high signal of food. The basic qualities are the same for the whole line but the addition of high biological value protein makes them ideal to face these places. The fish recognize them immediately and will never get tired of them. During the 2 years of testing they have been brought to the highest level of attractiveness and have been able to provide on many occasions the fishes that every carp fisherman dreams of.

Production technologies used:
Cooking in steam stages
Natural drying
Kneaded with eggs, without artificial coloring and preservatives

Characteristic signs:
Squid fragrance, unique

When to use them:
in all conditions
quick sessions, pasturation

What combinations are recommended:
30g of Plus Liquid Marine on 1 kg of boilies at least 24h before use

What do carpists say with a sentence:
Incredible, both in fast catch and pasturage

Saturating the place?
Absolutely not, guaranteed!

Pack EUR Quantity
20mm / 1 Kg Bag kg 9.90
24mm / 1 Kg Bag kg 9.90
20mm / 4 Kg Bag kg 36.00
24mm / 4 Kg Bag kg 36.00
20mm / 8 Kg Bag kg 60.00
24mm / 8 Kg Bag kg 60.00
20mm / 24 Kg Bag kg 160.00
24mm / 24 Kg Bag kg 160.00
20mm / 48 Kg Bag kg 265.00
24mm / 48 Kg Bag kg 265.00
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