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Block Bait Competition Integra 60mm

Natural attraction

Thanks to Tecnozoo's developed technology, we managed to combine the efficacy of corn and molasses in a perfect bait for every pasturage, which remains active for many hours close to the trigger and resistant to small fishes, giving carp time to reach the area. The secret resides in its simple composition which gets dehydrated and once in the water begins to dissolve, releasing simple sugars which attract cyprinids. For sessions in which pasturage can only be done from the shore and for competitions, we have created the BLOCK BAIT COMPETITION series. Spheres of 60mm with a high specific weight (about 125 gr) that can be dropped with the help of specific baskets and Spod rods well over 100mt away.

When to use them:
in short/medium fishing sessions to attract the carp quickly

Which pairings are recommended:
Boilies Integra

Weight of each sphere:
about 125 gr

Melting time:
about 7 minutes, regardless of water temperature.

Pack EUR Quantity
20 pcs Bucket pz 16.50
20 pcs x 5 Bucket pz 75.00
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